Natural Looks 19

What are Loc Extensions?


Loc Extensions are an alternative to waiting years to grow your Locs. Almost everyone wants locs but not everyone wants to wait for them to grow to their desired length. No one want to go through the ugly stage of locs. You can have custom loc extensions instantly. Loc Extensions can either be temporary or permanent. Here at Natural Looks19 I use 100% Afro Kinky Human Hair to create beautiful, undetectable loc extensions. These locs can be shampooed, styled, curled, crinkled and pinned up just like natural locs. Loc Extensions can be used to extend, fill in and repair existing and damaged locs. Human hair loc extensions take approximately 6 to14 hours depending upon length, texture and amount of locs being attached. You can either have the service done in1 day or split the service up into 2 days. This is an amazing technique!


What kind of hair should I use buy?

I use only 100% Afro kinky human hair to do your loc extension. Synthetic hair loc extensions aren't healthy for your hair and may even cause hair loss due to the weight and stress it puts on your hair. Human hair loc extensions unlike synthetic hair loc extensions can be curled, waved, spiral curled, colored and much more.  This hair comes in an array of colors.

Who can get Loc Extensions?

  • If you have your mind made up that this is the style you really want
  • You have at least 2 inches of natural hair
  • You have  at least 3 inches if you have a relaxer with a1/2 inch to an inch of natural hair at the root (extensions look more natural if you have natural hair)
  • If you know you want skip the "ugly stage" of hair locking
  • For those who want to be able to create loc styles instantly. Loc extension provide instant versatility.
  • If you have broken,thinning or damaged locs


How do you care for your Loc Extensions at home?

  • Always sleep with a satin or silk scarf or pillowcase
  • Do not pull or play in your loc extensions for the first month. Doing so may pull them out or cause them to unravel
  • Do not use elastic rubber band on your loc. The elastic will pull on the hair.
  • Use a light oil on your scalp every 2 to 3 days
  • Use Witch hazel or Seabreeze on a hand towel to clean your scalp for the first 2 weeks, until you have your first shampoo